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OWNERS, detailz Event Management Group 


detailz Event Management Group is proud to collaborate with Proper Planning in
executing client events that exceed customer expectations. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we understand the challenges presented in managing events and are pleased to share our problem-solving experience with clients. We have successfully managed many events, large or small, within budget for a wide variety of clients.

Sheri Sinn brings over 25 years of experience to event management. She has a
comprehensive and efficient method for managing event logistics with specific attention to detail and client vision. Sheri is experienced in sales, marketing, fundraising and sponsorship development, licensing, contract negotiations, committee leadership and overall meeting management. She is process oriented and has a unique creative vision for event execution.

Toni Hansen brings over 20 years of hospitality event management and travel logistics to the team. Her vast experience in establishing relationships allows her to quickly build a team of collaborated resources to execute any event. Toni has a specific talent in developing program content that meets clients’ needs as well as corralling speakers for effective program management. Her attention to detail and energetic approach to event planning brings a creative spirit and flawless execution.

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